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About UPMC Transplant Services

Why Choose Transplantation at UPMC?

At UPMC, it's not about the numbers. Though our doctors have conducted more than 20,000 organ transplant procedures in our programs' history, what really sets us apart is our expertise. As a pioneer in the field of solid-organ transplantation, our program has been consistently challenged with some of the most difficult and complex cases.

Our surgeons and specialists have drawn upon this breadth of experience to develop advancements that have resulted in new and improved treatment modalities for our patients.

We're home to some of the world's foremost transplant experts:

  • The medical specialists and surgeons who guide people to new lives as organ recipients
  • The nurses, clinical coordinators, and physicians who provide care and support before and after surgery
  • The researchers who move the field forward

Breakthrough Antirejection Therapies

We've been performing successful organ transplants for longer than most medical centers. That's because UPMC was one of the first centers to use the breakthrough drugs that keep patients' immune systems from rejecting their new organs.

Also, we have a long history of helping to develop new antirejection therapies that work better with fewer side effects — so organ recipients can enjoy better health with fewer restrictions. Our latest work may greatly reduce the need for antirejection medications, or even eliminate the need for them altogether.

Pioneering Organ Transplant Procedures

UPMC experts have a distinguished history of pioneering and refining new transplant procedures, making it possible to treat even more diseases and conditions that would otherwise cut short a human life.

Our surgeons have accomplished several world-firsts, including the first transplants of several organs at a time and the first intestine, lung, and pancreas transplants.

Today, UPMC is one of the most experienced transplant centers in the world. But none of these landmarks would have been achieved if we had not first undertaken exacting laboratory work to show that these operations would be feasible and effective.

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