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Urological Comprehensive Care Program

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The Urological Comprehensive Care Program (UCCP) units at UPMC Shadyside offer surgical urology patients in Pittsburgh the first “acuity-adaptable bed” program in urologic care in the United States.

Innovative Urologic Care at UCCP Units

Blend of Advanced Treatment and Focused Nursing

Acuity-adaptable programs combine advanced technology with focused nursing care. This new way of practicing medicine gives patients a continuous experience by providing state-of-the-art clinical care in a single location. It brings care to the patient’s bedside instead of moving patients to care sites throughout the hospital.

Fewer Transfers

By reducing the number of transfers to basically just a trip to the operating room and back, the program offers a few benefits:

  • Treatment is simpler.
  • Patients are less stressed.
  • The staff has extra time to give patients individual attention.

Care is overseen by a specially trained nurse coordinator to ensure continuing care.


Comfortable Rooms

The rooms in this unit are comfortable and home-like. Patients stay in the same room for all pre- and post-operative care, and they are monitored by the same nurse throughout their stay, from a phone call the night before surgery, to admission, recovery, and discharge.

Fitness Room

Getting up and moving as soon as possible after surgery helps speed the recovery process. The UCCP’s fitness room, complete with treadmills, means patients do not have to walk in public hallways to get their exercise.

Internet Access

The unit also offers computer and Internet access to patients, so that they can keep in touch with their families, friends, and business colleagues.

Expert Leadership

The UCCP is led by Joel Nelson, MD, chairman of Urology at UPMC, who is nationally recognized for both his clinical work and research.

Contact the Department of Urology

For patient referral or consultations, contact the Department of Urology at 412-692-4100.