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Medical Research and Education

UPMC, together with the University of Pittsburgh, our educational institution partner, attracted more than $600 million in National Institutes of Health funding and consistently ranks in the top ten in the nation. UPMC contributes more than half of all hospital-funded research in Pennsylvania, directly investing $367 million in 2021. These investments advance medical research and help attract top-notch physicians and scientists to our communities.

UPMC contributes $543 Million for medical research and education
UPMC contributes more than half of all hospital funded research in Pennsylvania
UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh together rank in the Top Ten nationally for NIH funding

At the Forefront of Scientific Research

UPMC collaborates with the University of Pittsburgh to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries, developing new therapies and delivering innovative new models of care that benefit the people in our communities. For example, UPMC helped to advance knowledge for COVID-19 care, studying various treatments and worked with the federal government to make treatments more accessible. Through 2021, more than 20,000 monoclonal antibody infusion treatments were administered.

Training the Next Generation of Clinicians

Great careers in health care start with great educations. In the face of staffing shortages and a tight talent market, UPMC is a leader in funding education for health professionals in Pennsylvania. In 2021, we invested $226 million to develop physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care providers.

UPMC Medical Residency Program Third largest medical residency in the nation.
Six Schools of Nursing Educating approximately 700 nursing students each year.