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Supplier Sustainability Performance Appreciation

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As UPMC continues incorporating sustainability principles into its operations, we appreciate the collaborative impact of our suppliers, especially those that are also practicing sustainability. Based on recent active and passive surveys* of the top 200 suppliers by spend, we learned the following about our supplier distribution:

  • Ratio of suppliers aware of sustainability

  • Percent of suppliers acting towards or practicing sustainability



  • Suppliers that demonstrated confidence in their performance by how they chose report and reporting quality (complexity of public reporting)

*Active surveying occurred through sending out an email of five questions regarding sustainability. Passive surveying occurred​ by thorough review of publicly accessible supplier websites for evidence of addressing the triple bottom-line of equity, economy, and environment.

  • In 2017, the significance of the top 200 suppliers by send is that they account ~57% of the total spend


  • Of the top 200 suppliers, those practicing sustainability account for ~46% of the total spend
  • Of the top 200 suppliers, those that publicly report their sustainability performance account ~36% of the total spend


The significance of incorporating sustainability is that it reflects a positive, constructive commitment of accountability that extends beyond one's organization to the benefit of the larger community.

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