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UPMC Life Changing Is | Dr. Charles Reninger
UPMC Life Changing Is | Dr. Charles Reninger

Life Changing Is … Personalized Care

Dr. Charles (Chip) Reninger, Hematologist Oncologist

“Having relationships with people, that’s what we do.”

Dr. Charles (Chip) Reninger, MD, began his career in finance. But he found his true passion in medicine.

Dr. Reninger always felt a pull toward working in health care, and specifically in treating cancer. Today, he and his wife both work in oncology.

“It’s both our callings, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else at this point,” says Dr. Reninger, a medical oncologist at UPMC in Central Pa.

For Dr. Reninger, treating a patient with cancer begins with establishing a connection with them and their loved ones. He tries to educate his patients as much as he can about their situation and what they can expect.

“Having relationships with people, that’s what we do, and that’s where it really starts,” he says. “You could have the greatest building, and you can have the greatest research, even. But if you don’t have great people who connect with their patients and make them feel cared for, make them understand what is going on with them, then you’ve kind of lost the battle before it even started.”

UPMC provides access to advanced treatments and clinical trials. This access enables Dr. Reninger and his colleagues to offer the best care possible to people dealing with cancer.

Cancer is a difficult disease, and Dr. Reninger takes his job seriously.

“You are allowed into these people’s lives at a critical time,” Dr. Reninger says. “That’s an honor, and that’s a privilege to be part of that. We’re reminded of that every day. From a personal standpoint, I don’t think there could be a more rewarding thing to do than walking through these difficult times with patients.”

At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means being there for patients on every step of their journey.

Stories like this one have helped UPMC earn local, national, and global honors over the years. See how our commitment to Life Changing Medicine continues to receive recognition.