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The DAISY Award Honorees at UPMC in South Central Pa.

Our nurses go above and beyond to provide exceptional, quality care for our patients and their families. Our DAISY Award honorees are nurses who provide direct patient care at the bedside and exemplifies the following characteristics:

Integrity: Maintains the trust and confidence of all with whom she/he engages
Commitment: Serves patients and their families by honoring UPMC Pinnacle’s mission
Advocacy: Truly focuses on serving the patient
Respect: Provides dignity and respect to everyone she/he serves and encounters
Excellence: Strives for the highest quality and continuous improvement

2021 DAISY Award Honorees

  • Brandi Topper, BSN, RN
    Med/Surg (M4), UPMC Hanover

2020 DAISY Award Honorees

  • Elizabeth Gantz-Witman, BSN, RN
    Emergency Department, UPMC Memorial
  • Jennifer Williams, RN
    Labor and Delivery, UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg
  • Rose Aumen, BSN, RN, CSRN
    Imaging Department, UPMC Hanover
  • Matthew James, RN
    Float Pool, UPMC Hanover
  • Danielle, BSN, CMSRN
    Orthopaedics/Surgical Unit, UPMC Pinnacle West Shore
  • Jennifer Walker, BSN, RN,
    ICU, UPMC Pinnacle West Shore
  • Micah, RN
    Telemetry, UPMC Memorial
  • Amanda, BSN, RN
    NICU, UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg
  • Kimberly Miller, BSN, RN
    ICU, UPMC Hanover
  • Alison Anderson RN
    Emergency Department, UPMC Lititz
  • Julianna Brauchle, BSN, RN
    Medical Transplant, UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg
  • Erica McDade, RN
    Emergency Department, UPMC Carlisle
  • Jennifer Fisher, BSN, RN
    Cardiac Diagnostic Unit, UPMC Hanover
  • Megan Rinaldo-Lane, RN
    ICU, UPMC Carlisle
  • Celine Adams, RN
    Main 5, UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg
  • Rebecca Britton, RN
    UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg, Main 10

2019 DAISY Award Honorees

  • Sharon Smith, BSN, RN
    UPMC Lititz, Intensive Care Unit
  • Courtney Trulear, BSN, RN
    UPMC Pinnacle West Shore, 5th Floor
  • Bonnie Faber, BSN, RN
    UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg, Orthopaedics
  • Andrew (Andy) Eldeen, BSN, RN, CCRN
    UPMC Memorial, ICU
  • Brittney Sims, RN
    Emergency Department, UPMC Pinnacle West Shore
  • Chelsie Kane, BSN, RN
    ICU, UPMC Pinnacle West Shore
  • Bridget Lavelle, BSN, RN
    Float Pool, UPMC Pinnacle
  • Milissa Berstler, RN
    ICU, UPMC Pinnacle West Shore
  • Tricia Radaubaugh, RN
    The Women's Center, UPMC Carlisle
  • Emily Robinson, RN
    Emergency Observation, UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg
  • Debra Wingenroth, RN
    Acute Care Surgical Unit, UPMC Lititz
  • Katie Miller, BSN, RN
    Maternity Department, UPMC Hanover
  • Jennifer Askey, RN
    UPMC Pinnacle Carlisle, 2nd Floor
  • Ruth Bard, BSN, RN
    UPMC Pinnacle Community Osteopathic, 3rd Floor
  • Brittany Burkholder, RN
    UPMC Lititz, ICU
  • Colleen Hoachlander, BSN, RN
    Float Pool Nurse
  • D’Deette Almoney, BSN, RN
    Hanover, Endoscopy
  • Jessica Yuda, RN
    North 10, UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg
  • Paul Weitzenhoffer, BSN, RN
    UPMC Lititz
  • Alessandra Daywalt, RN
    Medical-Surgical, Carlisle
  • Scott Aldrich, RN
    Cardiac Cath Lab, UPMC Carlisle
  • Michele Fiegl RN
    UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg, MS-ICU
  • Abel Powell, RN
    UPMC Pinnacle Hanover
  • Melissa Nichole Kelleher, BSN, RN
    UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg


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