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Maternal-Fetal Medicine Sub-Specialists

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A maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) sub-specialist is an individual who has completed a MFM fellowship after completing an obstetrics and gynecology residency upon graduation from medical school.

As a result of this training, MFM sub-specialists provide care or consultation for both mother and fetus (unborn baby) during a complicated pregnancy.

In addition, MFM sub-specialists provide education and research on the most recent approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of obstetrical problems.

Many obstetricians-gynecologists are also qualified by training and experience to manage complicated pregnancies. MFM sub-specialists work together with obstetricians in providing consultations and co-management or direct care for complicated situations both before and during pregnancy.

MFM sub-specialists also function in collaboration with family physicians and certified nurse-midwives. The relationship between your medical providers and the MFM sub-specialist will depend upon your condition and personal circumstances.