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MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy​

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An MRI-guided breast biopsy is most helpful when imaging shows a breast abnormality such as:

  • a suspicious mass not identified by other imaging techniques
  • an area of distortion
  • an area of abnormal tissue

If your physician refers you for an MRI-guided breast biopsy, physicians will use MRI imaging to guide a hollow needle into the breast to remove cells from the area of concern.

Board-certified radiologists will then diagnose these cells to determine what further treatment is required. While most MRI-guided breast biopsies turn out to be non-cancerous, we understand that waiting for your test results can be a stressful time.

If cancer is detected in the biopsy, you will be referred to the Magee-Womens Breast Care Program where you will consult with world-class breast oncologists to determine the next appropriate step of treatment.