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Radiology (General) Ultrasound at Magee-Womens Imaging

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Abdominal ultrasound tests help doctors diagnose abnormalities and check for diseases or tumors in the:

  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Intestines
  • Pancreas
  • Thyroid
  • Spleen
  • Extremities

Board-certified radiologists at Magee-Womens Imaging use ultrasound to:

  • Determine the reason for abdominal pain
  • Discover an aneurysm in the aorta
  • Find the cause for urinary tract infections by scanning the kidneys
  • Diagnose masses in the abdomen, including tumors or fluid-filled cysts
  • Treat blood clots in the veins, including deep vein thrombosis

Your Magee radiologist will interpret your ultrasound scans and collaborate with your doctor to determine an accurate diagnosis and develop an individualized treatment plan.

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