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High-Risk Pregnancy and the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine Patient Stories

Learn how care at Magee changed the lives of these UPMC patients.

Note: These patients' treatment and results may not be representative of all similar cases.

Cassandra and Dalton S.: Maternal Fetal Medicine

Cassandra and Dalton S.: Maternal Fetal Medicine

Cassandra was pregnant with monochorionic diamniotic twins. The pregnancy took a scary turn when the 16-week ultrasound showed one of the babies was healthy, but the other had minimal fluid in her sac.

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Alisha K.: High-Risk Pregnancy

Alisha K.

After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus during her first pregnancy, when Alisha K. found out she was pregnant again (this time with twins), she returned to the same doctor who delivered her son.

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Corinna Barto: High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery

Corinna Barto

At 35 weeks and a day into her pregnancy, Corinna gave birth to twin girls after experiencing anemia, problems with amniotic fluid, and severe contractions.

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