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Magee NICU Book Cart

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Early reading to babies and young children can advance development, foster creativity, and build a life-long love of learning.

But for our tiniest patients, it provides even more.

Reading Can Offer Comfort to NICU Babies

Reading time is family bonding time for NICU babies. The simple act of reading a storybook can comfort and soothe a baby, reducing stress on families and loved ones.

And for parents, there’s the added reward of knowing their baby can hear their voices. This alone can offer a sense of peace and relief.

We started the NICU Book Cart in 2017 after receiving two large book donations.

The mobile cart, filled with new books, allows parents to choose a favorite to read to their baby. Often, parents find one of their own childhood favorites.

Support the Magee NICU Book Cart

Please help us ensure that every NICU baby at Magee has the chance to benefit from reading.

To help support the program, Magee’s NICU — the largest in Pa. — is now accepting book donations.

If you'd like to donate to the NICU Book Cart, send new children’s books to:

Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
Attention: NICU
300 Halket St.
Pittsburgh PA, 15213

You can also leave new books at the hospital’s front desk.

Magee NICU Book Cart in the News

From ABC News: