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Information For Magee Patients

UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital puts you, the patient, first. We believe that an informed patient who knows what to expect from a visit is the best patient.

How to Schedule an Appointment or Test

Before you call to make an appointment, find out if your health insurance plan requires a referral or pre-authorization. If so, your doctor will first need to obtain one from your insurance provider.

To schedule an appointment, call toll-free 1-866-696-2433 (MyMagee). One of our friendly staff will schedule an appointment at a time most convenient for you.

Advance Preparation for an Appointment or Test

Some imaging procedures require advance preparation such as fasting the morning of the procedure or stopping medications that you may be taking. Our staff will notify you of any special instructions when you call to make your appointment. For certain procedures, our staff also will follow up 24 to 48 hours before your procedure to review instructions and answer any questions you may have.

For some tests, a medication is given to make you drowsy. If you will have this type of sedation for your test, you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home. Our staff will let you know if your test will require sedation when you schedule the appointment.

Read more about advance preparation for imaging procedures

Financial Assistance and Insurance Information

To learn more about financial assistance and insurance information at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital, follow the link below.

Financial Assistance and Insurance Information.

Register for Classes and Events

Visit our Classes and Events page for information on how to register.

Pay Your Bills Online

At Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC, we’d like you to have the convenience of paying your bill online. For more information and access to online payment, follow the link below.

Pay Your Bill Online

Patient Satisfaction

UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital prides itself on providing quality care to our patients. All UPMC hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission (formerly called Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, or JCAHO). If the patient believes his or her concerns about care or safety have not been addressed by the hospital, the patient also may contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring by phone at 1-800-994-6610 or by e-mail at

Patient Handbook

UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital, our first priority is the well-being of our patients. We’re very proud of our facilities and especially our staff, who provide high-quality medical care with concern for you as an individual.

Download our Patient Handbook (PDF).

The directory is a good source of information. We encourage you to read it and acquaint yourself with our services, special programs, and policies. The handbook covers everything you need to know regarding patient assistance, parking and visiting guidelines, and safety and security guidelines.

A Guide to Your Surgery

We want you to be as prepared as possible when coming in for surgery at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC. This booklet guides you through the steps before surgery, what happens the day of surgery, and what to expect before you go home.

Download a Guide to Your Surgery (PDF).

Patient Status

Hospital patients will be assigned a status based on the level of care needed. For more information about your status, please view our Patient Status Frequently Asked Questions.

Dining Menu at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

All of our dining menu options can be incorporated into a healthful diet. Hours, choices, and information on how to place an order can be found in our dining menu (PDF).

Thank A Nurse

Want to say thank you to your nurse? The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.

Nominate a deserving nurse.