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Testimonials about the UPMC McKeesport Internal Medicine Residency Program

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The residency interview season is a tough yet exciting experience. You are investing tremendous time, money and effort to find the "perfect match" for the most important 3 years of your career. You may feel confused and bewildered with all the choices to be made. However, there is a defining moment when you feel immediately drawn to a program, a sense that you will prosper and excel there. That was the exact feeling I had during my encounter with the UPMC McKeesport internal medicine program.

This is a tightly knit program with a family-like atmosphere. The community-based setting provided vast opportunities for direct interaction with specialists and also fostered independence. Being trained here, I am confident to lead rapid response teams, manage ICU patients, and perform vital procedures in the dead of night. Our continuity clinic enabled me to tackle medically complex patients effectively and efficiently. The affiliation with UPMC also opened gateways to research and scholarly activities. I thoroughly enjoyed my training and sailing in the chartered sea of medicine under the guidance of our experienced and caring faculty members. As my brief journey ended, I felt mentally prepared and ready for my career ahead.

If you are looking for a program that will empower you to excel in real life practice, look no further. UPMC McKeesport was my top choice, and it was the best choice I have ever made.

Jonathan Young
Graduate class of 2015

I began my medical education in India, worked there, then I moved to Sweden where also I studied and worked before moving to the US. Initially, when I chose to do my Internal Medicine Residency at UPMC McKeesport, the plan was to be close to my relatives in Pittsburgh. I have always considered myself to be lucky but residency at McKeesport was one of the best things that has happened in my life. The superior quality of the program with exceptionally high significance given to teaching and research, was outstanding.

The faculty was very approachable, sincere, and put in every effort to support all our academic activities. Confidence comes from knowledge and experience. The faculty and staff there are the wealth of McKeesport and the knowledge and experience that I have received from them is invaluable. Now that I have completed my residency, for the first time, I feel have learned true medicine and have the confidence to leave the nest and face the world.

Vipin Villgran
Graduate class of 2015

When I started my first “real-life job” after residency, indeed I was really well prepared. I can honestly tell you how my new hospital administration, physicians, and nursing staff trust my clinical knowledge and judgement. I owe all of this to our great training at UPMC McKeesport.

Saro Sarkisian, MD
2013 Graduate

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at UPMC McKeesport is of the highest quality and I would rate it as one of the top internal medicine programs in the Pittsburgh area. It has a truly dedicated and motivated core faculty with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them.

The core faculty is supported by a large group of UPMC and private physicians who make learning a wholesome experience. The quality of noon conferences, morning reports and a wide range of CME activities, match any university hospital in the country. Most importantly the clinical pathology is diverse and the resident has an opportunity to see a wide variety of medical conditions.

The administrative staff and nurses are friendly and easy to work with. Overall I rate UPMC McKeesport up there amongst the best and can confidently proclaim that a graduate from here will be able to safely practice medicine anywhere in the world.

Abhishek Krishna, MD, MRCP
2012 Graduate

My experience at UPMC McKeesport during the residency training was outstanding and memorable. The biggest strength of the program is the group of teaching faculties. They all are very nice, easily approachable, and they all are great teachers. Both core as well as subspecialty rotations give you an excellent opportunity to learn and grow.

Residents get a lot of one to one training during all the rotations. Residents also get ample opportunity to do procedures. Indeed at the end of residency all the residents become quite comfortable with doing procedure independently. Residents had many case reports accepted at local and national meetings, and we are very well encouraged by the program director and teaching attendings regarding presentation and publications.

UPMC McKeesport is an excellent training program and It has trained me very well. I think I have become a much better person and physician due to my training at UMC McKeesport. I would recommend this program to any hardworking person who wants to have a comprehensive learning experience.

Rohan Naik, MD
2011 Graduate

I am pleased to extend and share my experience with other candidates, who like me three years ago, are viewing this website, looking for the right residency program for them. My experience at McKeesport internal medicine program was excellent. With a comprehensive, evidence based teaching and practice, the research opportunities, and the great support of faculty and staff made me the physician that I am today.

As a third year resident, with only a few months to graduation, I can look back and say in confidence that this residency program produces some of the finest physicians in internal medicine out in practice. As for myself, I did make the right choice.

Ned Gara
2010 Graduate

I found out this morning that I passed the ABIM exam. If it wasn't for you and the rest of the faculty at UPMC McKeesport, things would have been different. I heartfully thank you all for the help and guidance. If it wasn't for your support and help I wouldn't have come so far. Thanks for all the help.

Aditya Uppalapati
2009 Graduate

The fundamentals of internal medicine which I learned from the faculty here is beyond reproach. In fact, it was my training here which helped me gain a fellowship in Critical Care medicine at one of the most prestigious programs in the country.

UPMC McKeesport is a great place to learn medicine because it allows for actual hands-on approach by the residents without competing with fellows for procedures.  The attendings allow for resident autonomy and take the time to teach how medicine should be practiced. The focus on education is unsurpassed as evidenced by the success at passing the board exams.

It's not all work at McKeesport. ACGME regulations are upheld to the strictest and fullest to ensure that you're not overworked or fatigued. One thing that I've learned at McKeesport is that a personal life is an absolute must. The administration takes the time to focus not only on your professional life but also your personal life.

One of the advantages of being at a community hospital is that it allows for great personal relations with the ancillary staff, the attendings, and other residents. I've made some great lifelong friendships here and know that the training I've received here will carry me into the next stages of life.

When I look back at my time at UPMC McKeesport, I couldn't have asked for a better place to have done my residency.

Amit Kaura
2008 Graduate