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Home Sleep Apnea Testing

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Sleep studies for diagnosis of sleep apnea have been traditionally done in a sleep lab. With modern day technological advancements sleep studies can now be performed in the comfort of a patient’s own sleeping environment and schedule. Home sleep apnea testing by registered sleep technologists and interpretation by board certified sleep physicians have been shown to be of comparable efficacy, time efficient and lower cost than traditional in lab studies in many situations. They are preferred by a lot of patients especially who are otherwise healthy and may have high co-pays and deductibles. A lot of insurances are now requiring home sleep apnea test as the first step in diagnosis of sleep apnea.

View a video from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine explaining the home sleep apnea testing »

About the Portable Home Sleep Apnea Testing Program

The UPMC McKeesport Sleep Disorders Center is staffed by board certified physicians and registered polysomnography technicians. Dr. Deepa Burman serves as the medical director and Linda Holsing is the lead technician of the McKeesport Portable Sleep Apnea Testing Program. Our physicians and staff are active in continuing education in order to keep current with the evolving field of sleep disorders treatment and research. Having the sleep testing done at a hospital-based sleep program offers the guarantee of evidence based care and appropriate referral when needed.

A Home Sleep Testing device consists of the following sensors:

  • A belt that is worn around the chest
  • An oxygen sensor on the finger
  • A nasal cannula (breathing tube in the nose, similar to what people wear for oxygen)

Testing is done for one or two nights as directed by the physician. Patients will be able to sleep in the comfort of their home and will have the ability to get up to use the restroom without interrupting the test.

Patients wanting to do their test at home must first get a prescription from their physician. After that, call the sleep center to schedule the sleep study. Patients will have the option of picking up and returning the device at the sleep center or have the device dropped off and picked up at their home. Directions for the usage of the device will be provided at time of setup.

After the sleep study the report is sent to the ordering physician for further management and follow up.​

For questions or to inquire about scheduling a sleep study, please call the Sleep Disorders Center at 412-664-2790.​​