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2022-2023 Internal Medicine Residents

Third Year Medicine Residents

Tiba Abdulwahid, MD Tiba Abdulwahid, MD
Amerpreet Brar, MD Amerpreet Brar, MD
Wali Chowdhury, MD Wali Chowdhury, MD
Wali Chowdhury, MD

Leenah Chughtai, MD

Joshua Coutinho, MD Joshua Coutinho, MD
Arber Frakulli, MD Arber Frakulli, MD
Naveed Hasan, MD Naveed Hasan, MD
Tanisha Kaur, MD Tanisha Kaur, MD
Kewal Khatiwada, MD Kewal Khatiwada, MD
Jacob Lloyd, MD Jacob Lloyd, MD
 Soman Nijjar, MD Soman Nijjar, MD
Elizabeth Oguntuwase, MD Elizabeth Oguntuwase, MD
Chioma Ohammah, MD Chioma Ohammah, MD
Nirzari Pandya, MD Nirzari Pandya, MD
Dominic Pezzone, DO Dominic Pezzone, DO
Manasi Sejpal, MD Manasi Sejpal, MD
Megha Sood, MD Megha Sood, MD
Morgan Stalder, DO Morgan Stalder, DO
Ali Uddin, MD Ali Uddin, MD
Ali Uddin, MD Aaron Walker, MD
Mownika Yadlapalli, MD Mownika Yadlapalli, MD

Second Year Medicine Residents

Taha Ahmed, MD Taha Ahmed, MD
Saba Ali, MD Saba Ali, MD
Denise Araujo, MD Denise Araujo, MD
Liane Cali, DO Liane Cali, DO
Amaad Chaudhry, MD Amaad Chaudhry, MD
Opeoluwa Dehinbo, MD Opeoluwa Dehinbo, MD
Jonelle Douglas, MD Jonelle Douglas, MD
Therese Gagnon, MD
Harris Joseph, MD Harris Joseph, MD
Fuad Khoury, MD Fuad Khoury, MD
Amit Kumar, MD Amit Kumar, MD
Janaki Makadia, MD Janaki Makadia, MD
Chelsea Meyer, MD Chelsea Meyer, MD
Chris Musgrove, MD Chris Musgrove, MD
Salahuddin Nasir, MD Salahuddin Nasir, MD
Stuti Pandya, MD Stuti Pandya, MD
Rayhan Pitigala, MD Rayhan Pitigala, MD
Karanjot Sahota, MD Karanjot Sahota, MD
Bernard Shalit, MD Bernard Shalit, MD
Florent Sherifi, MD Florent Sherifi, MD
Rohan Tangri, MD Rohan Tangri, MD

First Year Medicine Residents

Kanika Aggarwal, MD Kanika Aggarwal, MD
Raza Asif, MD Raza Asif, MD
Kelly Barrett, MD Kelly Barrett, MD
Giann Bhatt, DO Giann Bhatt, DO
Mark Biedka, DO Mark Biedka, DO
Nabihah Chaudhary, MD Nabihah Chaudhary, MD
Ramie Diaz, MD Ramie Diaz, MD
Padma Katikaneni, MD Padma Katikaneni, MD
Zuhaab Khan, MD Zuhaab Khan, MD
Jaish Kumar, MD Jaish Kumar, MD
Shehryar Malik, MD Shehryar Malik, MD
Mariam Marufi, MD Mariam Marufi, MD
Asma Mohammadi, MD Asma Mohammadi, MD
Lakshmi Saravanan, MD Lakshmi Saravanan, MD
Alaa Sayed, MD Alaa Sayed, MD
Mona Sedghian, MD Mona Sedghian, MD
Akanksha Sharma, MD Akanksha Sharma, MD
Anood Siddiqui, MD Anood Siddiqui, MD
Abinaya Srikanthan, MD Abinaya Srikanthan, MD
Steven Yang, MD Steven Yang, MD
Sam Younes, MD Sam Younes, MD