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Addiction Medicine at UPMC Mercy

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Substance abuse is a complex and serious health care problem. If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we're here to help.

UPMC Mercy’s recovery-focused Addiction Medicine program offers hope as we help you on your path from detox to sobriety.

Learn more about the Recovery Engagement Program.

About the Addiction Medicine Program

The Addiction Medicine program at UPMC Mercy is an inpatient, 18-bed, medically managed detoxification unit.

Our specially certified team of doctors, nurses, counselors, and social workers:

  • Provides around-the-clock care and detox treatment.
  • Combines outstanding medical care with complete addiction treatment services.
  • Safely and successfully guides people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs through the detox process.

What's Involved in the Detoxification Process?

Most people come into the Addiction Medicine program through UPMC Mercy’s Emergency Department (ED).

Before we can admit you to the program, you must meet specific criteria for medically necessary inpatient detox.

The drug and alcohol detox treatment process includes:

  • A complete assessment of your medical, psychiatric, and addiction disorders. We'll assess you either in the ED or in the hospital’s inpatient unit.
  • The use of proper medications and counseling to complete the initial detox process.
  • A post-detox treatment plan, including referrals, tailored to your needs.

Detox is just the first step in treating a drug or alcohol addiction.

Our social services staff will work with you and your care team throughout the detox process. Social services will then decide the level of aftercare that will best meet your needs.

Peer Specialist Services

Senior peer specialists are people who have maintained their own recovery and are willing to share what they’ve learned. These trained men and women offer a unique level of support and understanding based on their own experiences with addiction and recovery.

As members of UPMC Mercy’s in-hospital team, our senior peer specialists model the kinds of behaviors crucial to a successful recovery.

They also can also meet with you to:

  • Refer you to a range of community resources.
  • Help you identify and address barriers to your treatment and recovery.
  • Help you design your own recovery goals and the steps you can take toward reaching those goals.
  • Provide wellness coaching.
  • Connect you with someone who will support and motivate you to succeed in your recovery.

Peer specialist services are by referral only. Speak to your UPMC Mercy addiction medicine care team for details on how to get a referral.