UPMC Shadyside 10-Year Master Plan

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Below is an archive of information for the community regarding the UPMC Shadyside 10-year Master Plan.

Important Community Information - Boring Locations

In preparation for the Shadyside Hospital Campus Master-Plan process (city staff meetings, City Planning Commission meetings etc.), UPMC needs to do some investigation work, on both the proposed Center for Innovative Science Building (CIS) (old Ford Motor Company Building) and Luna site, to assess the bearing capacity of the properties for any future development.

This information will ultimately be used by the project design team to ensure appropriate engineering, when it is determined the exact type of structure to be constructed at each location.

Below are the boring locations that have been recommended for evaluation. You will note the majority of both sites are being analyzed. Although weather dependent, we hope to begin the CIS investigative work in mid-February 2012 and be completed by early March. The Luna site work will then follow and finish later in March. Work will be done between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Relative to permitting, UPMC’s contractor will go through the typical “PA One Call” notification process for utility identification.

No city permitting is required.

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