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General Information about BOTOX®

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BOTOX® is a medication that blocks nerve activity to certain muscles. It is injected into desired muscle groups to relax them and give the overlying skin a smoother appearance.

From seven to 10 days following treatment, you will notice a gradual decrease in muscle movement at the treated area. The effects last from two to six months, with four months being the average.

  • You must notify us if you have myasthenia gravis or any other muscle-weakness disease.
  • You can increase the duration of your treatment around the eyes by using Elastiderm twice a day on your eyelids. Apply this as the last topical agent in the morning and the evening.

After the Injection

Several hours after treatment:

  • Do not lie down or bend over for four hours
  • Do not massage or rub the treated areas for four hours
  • Exercise the treated muscles every 15 to 20 minutes by making them contract and relax once or twice for four hours

Possible side effects

Side effects from BOTOX® injections are rare but could include a drooping of the eyelid if injected into that area. This usually subsides within three or four weeks without treatment. You can reduce this side effect by carefully following the instructions above.

Double vision rarely occurs, but if it does it will require the use of an eye patch for three to four weeks until it resolves.​