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Conditions We Treat at the Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center

Conditions We Treat at the Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center

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Like other parts of your body, your skin changes over time. That’s why the UPMC Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center believes in developing a long-term relationship with you and being your health care partner throughout all the stages of your life.

Your skin can have a variety of aesthetic issues that you may consider imperfections and an improvement in one or more of these areas will help bolster your self-confidence and self-esteem. You may have a birthmark that has made you feel uncomfortable for years, or you are beginning to show signs of aging, hormonal changes, or sun damage.

Some of the more common conditions we treat with traditional aesthetic services, noninvasive cosmetic procedures, ablative and non-ablative laser procedures, and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, include:

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