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Cardiothoracic Transplant

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Cardiothoracic transplant experts at UPMC treat adults and children who have advanced heart and lung diseases.


Our surgeons perform:

For: Adults with advanced heart failure.

For: People with life-threatening lung diseases such as:

-Pulmonary parenchymal disease

-Vascular disease

-Cystic fibrosis 

For: Infants and children with heart and lung diseases such as:

-Congenital heart disease

-Cystic fibrosis


-Pulmonary hypertension


A History of Success in Heart and Lung Transplantation

  • UPMC's 30-year history of adult and pediatric transplant procedures has positioned us as a leader and pioneer in solid-organ transplantation.
  • We’re celebrating 3,000 — and counting — cardiothoracic transplant surgeries, setting us apart as second in the world and first in western Pennsylvania to achieve this milestone.
  • Our 1,700 lung and heart-lung transplants performed since 1982, currently the largest volume in the United States.
  • Our cardiothoracic transplant surgeons have experienced a consistent flow of highly challenging and complex cases. This has afforded them a significant level of knowledge and experience in heart and lung transplantation procedures.