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​Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

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UPMC Kidney Clinics provide a warm, welcoming environment and services tailored to meet the special needs of each patient.
Our nephrologists’ years of experience confirm the benefits of early intervention in cases of CKD. Strong evidence indicates that early recognition and medical treatment slows the progression of CKD and preserves kidney function thus delaying the need for dialysis or renal transplantation. In addition, early intervention reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients and other complications associated with CKD, such as anemia, metabolic bone disease, and hypertension. With more advanced stages of CKD, increasing emphasis is placed on early planning and preparation of patients for renal replacement therapy and the anticipated need for dialysis initiation and/or kidney transplantation.
The UPMC Kidney Clinics treatment team consists of professionals with special training and years of experience caring for patients with CKD. Our multidisciplinary team includes nephrologists, dedicated renal nurses, nurse-educators, and dietitians.
When appropriate, the CKD team collaborates with physicians in other specialties, including endocrinology, cardiology, rheumatology, general internal medicine, transplantation surgery, and vascular surgery. Primary and referring physicians receive regular reports for patients who are evaluated or treated at UPMC Kidney Clinics.