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Benefits of Neuroendoport® Surgery

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Neuroendoport surgery is an innovative minimally invasive procedure that uses a specially designed tube to access deep-seated brain tumors — within a dime-size channel through the brain. When appropriate, this procedure offers a number of benefits over traditional open surgery.

Tiny Incision and Minimal Scarring

  • Neuroendoport is inserted through a small incision in the scalp, resulting in a tiny exterior scar.

Faster Recovery Time

  • Recovery time from Neuroendoport Surgery is typically shorter than with traditional open surgery.
  • Less of the lining of the brain is opened, so less of the brain is exposed to the outside environment.

Less Trauma to Brain and Nerve Tissue

  • Because the entire procedure is performed within the narrow channel created by the Neuroendoport, surgeons are able to maximize the patient's benefit by minimizing trauma to the surrounding brain tissue and nerves.

Fewer Side Effects and Complications

  • Less manipulation of the brain and nerves may result in fewer potential complications from surgery.

Neuroendoport® Surgery
This animation illustrates the removal of a metastasis using the Neuroendoport technique.

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