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​Movement Disorders and Epilepsy Treatments

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UPMC has some of the nation's leading and most experienced experts for the treatment and surgical options for epilepsy and movement disorders, and offers some of the most advanced treatment options available.

Conditions we treat at the UPMC Movement Disorders and Epilepsy Program include:

Our experts specialize in advanced movement disorder and epilepsy treatments such as:

  • Deep brain stimulation — An effective surgical procedure for involuntary movements and other symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease and dystonia. UPMC is a leader in treating movement disorders with deep brain stimulation, and now offers both standard and MRI-guided "asleep" DBS, depending on your condition
  • Adult epilepsy surgery — A potential treatment option for people whose seizures continue after trying at least two different medications.

Meet Toni

When this renowned chef’s life was drastically changed after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he turned to the experts at UPMC for treatment.

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