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Myositis Services at UPMC

Myositis is a group of rare diseases that cause muscle weakness. But the myositis experts at UPMC are here to help.

Did you know:

  • UPMC has one of the top myositis centers in the world?
  • Doctors from across the U.S. often consult with our experts for help with difficult-to-treat and complex cases?
  • We do studies to find better treatments for this disease?

When you come to our centers, we commit to giving you the best myositis care. We'll bring in other experts who focus on skin, lung, and heart issues when needed.

Together, we'll help you over its hurdles so that you can get back to a normal and active life.

Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of myositis.

Myositis Services We Provide at UPMC

If you live close to one of our centers, we give complete myositis care.

If you see a rheumatologist elsewhere, we'll manage your care with them. This way, you can get most of your care close to home.

We offer both in-person and virtual visits to make it easy for you.

Our services include:

  • Tests to diagnose myositis or other health problems that cause muscle weakness. These include blood tests, electromyography (EMG), and muscle biopsies.
  • Treatments for myositis. We prescribe oral and injectable drugs and connect you to physical therapists with special knowledge of myositis.
  • Support for lifestyle changes to improve your total health, such as help with exercise, nutrition, and stress management.
  • Clinical trial treatment options for those who qualify.
  • Treatments for problems related to myositis. We work closely with other experts to help you with other health problems you face.

Why Choose UPMC for Myositis Care?

  • Our wealth of knowledge. For more than 30 years, our doctors have worked to help the health community understand myositis. Our experts have published some of the largest clinical trials of people with myositis. We also launched a year-long training program for doctors who want to focus on myositis care.
  • Our research. We often have five or more myositis clinical trials at any time. This means we can offer cutting-edge treatment options when standard therapies aren't working well.
  • Our insights. We also have compiled one of the largest registries of people with myositis in the U.S. This helps us closely track disease changes in the people we care for over the long term. Our registry not only helps us improve care on an individual level, but it also propels research insights forward.

Make a Myositis Appointment at UPMC

People can ask their doctor for a referral to our centers or book an appointment on their own.

Call 1-888-349-1506 to make an appointment at a UPMC rheumatology location near you.

Before you see us, please send as many health records as you can. This includes past tests, doctor's notes, and prior treatments.

We'll review them ahead of your visit so we can move your care forward more quickly.