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Living-At-Home Program Services

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What Services Should I Expect from the Living-at-Home Program?

Living-at-Home Program staff can assist you in obtaining services that can help you remain independent from the community and UPMC. These services may include home delivery of meals, homemaker services, and assistance with transportation.

Living-at-Home nurses are available to assist individuals who are unable to manage their own medications. Nurses can fill pill boxes and prefill insulin syringes as ordered by the individual’s doctor. Nurses are also available for monthly blood pressure checks and B12 injections as requested by their doctor.

Living-at-Home volunteers may be available to help with grocery shopping, yard work, or to make a friendly visit. Volunteers are also available for a reassuring chat on the telephone, help with writing a letter, running errands, or reading your mail.

In addition, you’ll receive regular follow-up visits and telephone calls from the care coordinator, who will make sure your needs are being met and who will recommend any changes to your personalized care plan.

Help When You Need It

Through its affiliation with UPMC, the Living-at-Home Program is able to provide referrals to services beyond those listed here, including:

  • UPMC Palliative and Supportive Institute
  • Late-Life Depression Prevention Program
  • Memory Disorders Clinic
  • Alzheimer Disease Research Center
  • Benedum Geriatric Center
  • UPMC Senior Care
  • Aging Institute of UPMC Senior Services and the University of Pittsburgh
  • UPMC Senior Communities