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New Direction(R) Low Calorie Diet Plan

The New Direction® Low Calorie Diet Plan is good choice for patients who would like to lose weight at a moderate pace of 1-2 pounds per week while still eating regular food.

The Low Calorie Diet Plan is appropriate for people with a BMI over 27 and is often recommended for people who wish to lose weight, but are not experiencing obesity-related medical conditions. The plan consists of 2 high quality protein shakes per day, 1 protein snack bar with an individualized calorie range for the third meal, and any snacks throughout the day.


  • High protein, very low calorie diet consisting of at least 1000 calories per day
  • Nutrition consists of a combination of New Direction® meal replacements* for 2 of your 3 meals during the day plus an individualized calorie range for the third meal and any snacks throughout the day.
  • We do not use hCG, magic fat burning pills, herbal remedies, or other unproven medical practices in this program.

Benefits of the New Direction® Low Calorie Diet Plan:

  • Improved health and decreased medication costs
  • Use of meal replacements makes it easier to lose weight than using all regular foods.
  • Better quality of life with increased energy, less aches and pains, and improved mobility.
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Better lifestyle management skills, including avoidance of emotional eating, increased awareness of social triggers, improved stress management, and more.

The Low Calorie Plan features medical quality protein meal replacements that provide optimal levels of electrolytes and vitamins to help you lose weight and remain healthy. This plan is a partial meal-replacement diet, which means that in addition to the provided meal replacements you will be able to eat some meals that consist of healthy grocery store foods. This allows you to lose weight without giving up all of your favorite foods.

*These are average results. Individual results may vary.

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*You must be a patient of the Weight Loss Center at PinnacleHealth in order to purchase the New Direction meal replacement products.

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