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Prenatal Testing at UPMC Magee-Womens in Central Pa.

As part of your routine prenatal care, you will have certain medical tests to monitor your health and your baby’s growth and development.

Routine tests can be administered at your obstetrician’s office, at a lab or at another UPMC facility in Cental Pa. Some tests will be performed at each prenatal visit other tests will be performed at specific times during your pregnancy.

If you are 35 or older, your physician may order additional tests, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, to make sure your baby is healthy. These tests are typically administered by maternal fetal medicine specialists.

First Trimester

Tests administered during your first trimester typically include:

  • A Pap test to screen for precancerous abnormalities and sexually transmitted infections, such as HPV, chlamydia and gonorrhea.
  • A blood test to check for anemia, or low red blood cell count, which can cause fatigue.
  • A blood test to confirm your blood type and screen for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C, immunity to hepatitis B and immunity to rubella (German measles).
  • Lab tests to screen for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell and other hereditary conditions.
  • An ultrasound to determine the baby’s due date.
  • A urine test to measure sugar and protein levels, indicators of diabetes and preeclampsia, respectively.
  • Other tests to screen for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and trisomy 18.

Second Trimester

Tests administered during your second trimester typically include:

  • A blood test to screen for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and Trisomy 18, if not already performed in the first trimester.
  • A blood test (AFP) to screen for open neural tube defects.
  • A detailed ultrasound, typically given around your 20th week of pregnancy, to determine if the baby and placenta are developing normally.

Third Trimester

Tests administered during your third trimester typically include:

  • A test for Group B streptococcus (a common bacteria that is dangerous for newborns) to determine if intravenous antibiotics will be needed during labor.
  • A test for gestational diabetes, typically given around the 28th week of your pregnancy, which involves drinking a glucose beverage before your blood sugar is measured.

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