A Just Culture

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​​A key component of our commitment to safety is A Just Culture — an approach that fosters an environment of open communication and shared accountability. It’s a workplace model that empowers staff to voice concerns about patient safety without fear of retaliation and ensures confidence that leaders will listen and take action in a fair and consistent manner.

Through A Just Culture, safety is promoted by encouraging staff — from the bottom to the top — to communicate and discuss sensitive issues freely. We have established guidelines for dealing openly and consistently with mistakes and near misses when they do occur. We focus on understanding the underlying circumstances, taking action to address problems, supporting those involved, and developing corrective measures for going forward.

A Just Culture creates an environment where our staff is comfortable speaking up and identifying opportunities for improvement, and our leaders ensure steps are taken to learn from these events and prevent future errors. It is essential to our patient safety mission and ongoing efforts to improve our culture of safety.

For more information contact Cindy Liberi, Director, Patient Safety at 412-864-3884.