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Nurse Residency Program at UPMC in Central Pa.

What is the UPMC Nurse Residency Program in Central Pa.?

Nurses with less than six months of acute care experience will be automatically enrolled in the Nurse Residency Program. If you are committed to continuous learning, then the Nurse Residency Program can provide a smooth transition into the professional RN role.

The Nurse Residency Program provides a structured forum for continuous learning and professional development for novice nurses. Throughout the program, you can learn self-awareness, how to manage stress and how to take care of yourself as a caregiver.

An experienced team of clinical nurse specialists, nursing professional development specialists and experienced staff nurses provide ongoing support and mentoring for each nurse resident. Program evaluation is done through monthly education session evaluations, anecdotal feedback and completion of the Casey Fink Graduate Nurse Experience Survey.

Planned experiences are designed so you can learn safe nursing practice and receive an additional level of support beyond orientation. Twelve educational sessions are provided during the first year of practice. A variety of teaching strategies such as group work and reflective journaling are utilized to enhance learning.

Nurse Residency Program participants will:

  • Become effective communicators
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Collaborate with the health care team
  • Refine emergency management skills
  • Engage in patient safety initiatives
  • Participate in quality improvement
  • Gain support while adjusting to their new role at UPMC in central Pa.
  • Advance their professional development

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