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UPMC Enterprises Administrative Fellowship Track

About the UPMC Enterprises Administrative Fellowship Track

​​At UPMC Enterprises, our mission is to create products and businesses that make Life Changing Medicine happen. Our work impacts the lives of patients in meaningful, lasting ways and is integral to the development of growing, thriving businesses. ​​

The Enterprises Administrative Fellowship is a two-year executive leadership development program for graduate level students with a passion for healthcare business development, strategy, product management, data analytics, and digital health/user experience design. ​​​

During the Enterprises Administrative Fellowship program, there will be different paths for each perspective year.

The following training and development courses will be offered to provide exposure to key areas of human resource management:

  • Journey to Management
  • New Manager Training - Physician Services
  • Communicating for Leadership Success
  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Fraud: Define, Deter, Detect
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Addressing Poor Performance
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Crucial Conversations

Year One Opportunities

Below are the possible rotations during the first year in the Enterprises Divison Track:

  • Hospital Operations
  • Nursing
  • Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences Commercialization
  • Health Plan Consumer Innovation
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Service Line Management

These rotations are structured similarly to Health Services Division Fellowship Track, but are flexible to meet a Fellow’s interests and career goals. Year One includes an optional rotation.

Year Two Opportunities

The Enterprises division Fellowship Track recruited its inaugural fellow for the 2017-2019 years.

The following roles are potential examples of a second year Fellowship role:

  • Technical Program Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Analyst
  • Business Analytics/Market Research Manager
  • Product Designer/Design Strategist
  • Business Development & Strategy Manager
  • Portfolio Investment Analyst

UPMC Enterprises Administrative Fellowship Track Preceptors

Roles and expectations

The fellow is assigned a preceptor during each rotation. Preceptors are responsible for guidance and progress by:

  • Defining projects
  • Ensuring that the fellow's needs are being met
  • Meeting with the fellow regularly
  • Providing timely feedback regarding performance and progress
  • Fellows are responsible for providing their advisors and preceptors with all necessary information to ensure a mutually beneficial experience.

Prospective Preceptors

  • Dr. Rob Hartman – Senior Director, Translational Sciences
  • Curtis Stratman – Director, Product Management
  • Jeanne Cunicelli – President of UPMC Enterprises
  • Matthias Kleinz – Senior Vice President, Translational Sciences
  • Brent Burns – Executive Vice President, UPMC Enterprises
  • Chad Dehmer – Senior Manager, Operations - Opportunities and Investments
  • Eliza Swann – Chief of Operations, UPMC Enterprises

The preceptors within this track are highly variable depending Fellow’s project and career focus within the Enterprises division. Potential preceptors include EVPs, senior directors/directors, and senior manager/managers working in Population Health, Consumer Products, Engineering/Design, Finance/Investment, and Translational Science.

UPMC Enterprises Administrative Fellowship Track Current Fellow

Brian Rowe 

Brian Rowe
Second Year Fellow
Georgia State University