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UPMC Insurance Services Division (ISD) Administrative Fellowship Track

About the UPMC ISD Administrative Fellowship Track

The two-year ISD fellowship is a leadership development program that serves as means to develop a broad experience in fellows' career that will foster their professional development within the Insurance Services Division of UPMC.

ISD Fellows will rotate through UPMC Insurance Services Division (UPMC Health Plan, WorkPartners, and Community Care Behavioral Health), have an externship to another UPMC location, serve as the primary fellow for a UPMC system-wide service line, and have an optional rotation in any of the other entities in which interest is expressed.

Each rotation will serve as a learning experience for fellows by testing their abilities, as well as instilling applicable system and divisional knowledge related to the strategic plan and vision of the organization. Fellows will work with their rotation preceptor to develop goals and expectations for the rotation. Applicable project(s) work will be assigned within each rotation in order to ensure fellows' progress is meeting the expectations of the program. ISD fellows may also be assigned projects that span the entire two-year fellowship program.

In addition to departmental designated projects, fellows will also have the opportunity to seek out projects that meet their personal career objectives. At the end of the program, fellows will work closely with their preceptors in finding employment opportunities within the organization.

Supplemental learning opportunities

UPMC is highly committed to the training of administrative fellows, and offers opportunities to:

  • Gain an understanding of the core processes within the Insurance Services Division
  • Have broad exposure to operations of an Integrated Delivery and Financing System
  • Better understand clinical operations and finances
  • Strengthen health care experience through work on various in-depth projects
  • Be mentored by senior-level executives
  • Coordinate and participate in executive-level meetings
  • Establish a network of contacts throughout the health system
  • Improve management and leadership skills
  • Refine communication and analytical skills

Year One Opportunities: Core Functional Rotations

Fellows spend their first year rotating with the UPMC Insurance Services Division executive team. UPMC is the largest medical and behavioral health insurer in western Pennsylvania, insuring more than 3.5 million lives. UPMC Insurance Services Division serves as the centralized hub for a wide array of health insurance plan services and operates in the Downtown Pittsburgh campus located at the US Steel Tower.

Fellows participate in core functional rotations, a service line, and an externship during their first year of the program and pursue a specific interest during their second year of the program. Upon completion of the program, fellows are prepared to move into highly competitive roles within the organization.

Rotation opportunities

The fellowship is comprised of rotations, in which the fellows will primarily be involved in project work. Key areas of focus may include (but are not limited to):

  • Government Programs
  • Commercial Products
  • Organizational Performance
  • Operations
  • Clinical Operations
  • Administration
  • Finance Quality Improvement
  • Network Development
  • WorkPartners
  • Community Care Behavioral Health


Examples of first year externships include:

  • The UPMC Health Plan Erie Office
  • The UPMC Health Plan Philadelphia Office
  • UPMC Pinnacle
  • UPMC Susquehanna

Service lines

Examples of service lines ISD fellows may work with include:

  • Surgical Services Oversight Committee


Examples of projects that ISD fellows may work on include:

  • Developing strategic business initiatives
  • Issuing RFI and RFPs
  • Managing consultants or third-party vendors
  • Coordinating various task forces
  • Creating financial dashboards and budgets
  • Performing cost benefit analysis
  • Maintaining current Employee Engagement initiatives
  • Implementing quality-of-care improvement initiatives

Year Two Opportunities

The Insurance Services Division Fellowship Track recruited its inaugural fellow during the 2016-2018 fellowship program.

The following roles are potential examples of a second year Fellowship role:

  • Program Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Staff Associate
  • Network Manager
  • Business Development & Strategy Manager


Roles and expectations

ISD fellows are each assigned an advisor who serves as a mentor and an advocate throughout the entire fellowship. Fellows are also each assigned a preceptor during each rotation. Preceptors are responsible for guidance and progress by:

  • Defining projects
  • Ensuring that fellows' needs are being met
  • Meeting with fellows regularly
  • Providing timely feedback regarding performance and progress
  • The fellows are responsible for providing their advisors and preceptors with all necessary information to ensure a mutually beneficial experience.

Current preceptors

  • Marion McGowan — Senior Vice President Population Health, Chief Clinical Officer UPMC Health Plan (Primary Preceptor 2018-2019)
  • Helene Weinraub — Vice President, Medicare, UPMC Health Plan
  • Kim Zynn — Vice President, National Network Development & Strategic Expansion, UPMC Health Plan
  • John Lovelace — President, UPMC for You, Inc.; President, Government Programs and Individual Advantage
  • Angela Perri — Associate Vice President Medicare and SNP, UPMC Health Plan
  • Dave Weir — President, Work Partners
  • Georgean Wielock — Vice President, Operations, Configuration, & Ancillary Products, UPMC Health Plan
  • Sharon Czyzewski — Vice President, Human Resources, UPMC Insurance Services Division
  • Carl Schartner — Senior Director, Organizational Performance, UPMC Health Plan
  • Kim Cepullio — President, UPMC Commercial Products, UPMC Health Plan
  • Deb Wasilchak — COO & Government Programs Officer, Community Care Behavioral Health Organization
  • Gordy Gebbens — Senior Vice President, Finance & Controller, UPMC Insurance Services Division

Current Fellows 

Mary Katherine Beall, MHA/MBA

Mary Katherine Beall, MHA/MBA
Second Year Fellow
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Snehitha Kethireddy, MHA/MBA

Snehitha Kethireddy, MHA/MBA
Second Year Fellow
Georgia State University

Ritu Pathak
First Year Fellow
University of Pittsburgh