About the Division of Lung Transplant and Lung Failure

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The UPMC Division of Lung Transplant and Lung Failure is one of the most recognized and experienced centers in the world for lung transplantation and specializes in treating patients along the entire spectrum of life-threatening lung diseases.

Since our program’s inception, we have performed more than 2,000 lung transplants. We are one of only a few programs in the United States that has achieved this volume, while maintaining outcomes that are on par with national averages. This experience allows our specialists to accept many high-risk patients who otherwise would be declined as lung transplant candidates.

Experience Treating the Most Complex Lung Diseases

Our experienced surgeons are committed to caring for patients with some of the most complex lung conditions by offering:

  • An active ECMO bridge to lung transplant program
  • Evaluation of patients with scleroderma
  • Retransplantation to those meeting requirements
  • Evaluation of international patients

UPMC is also actively involved in research pertaining to organ perfusion. Perfusing the organ outside of the body (ex vivo organ perfusion) can improve the quality of the donor lung and result in transplantation of lungs that were previously determined to be unsuitable. Through ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP), we hope to expand the utilization of donor lungs and offer this life-saving therapy to more patients with end-stage lung disease.


The Division of Lung Transplant and Lung Failure provides lung transplantation services at: