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Preoperative Visit at Magee's Bone and Joint Center

The Bone and Joint Center at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital features an efficient, one-stop preoperative visit, approximately three weeks before your joint replacement surgery.

The streamlined pre-test, which takes less than two hours to complete, includes:

  • All necessary clinical testing and screening
  • Perioperative education
  • Discharge planning with a social worker
  • The opportunity to meet with other patients and families that will be having surgery at the same time

When you decided to undergo surgery, you should have identified a family member or friend to serve as a coach through your journey to wellness. Your coach attends the preoperative visit and also comes to the hospital on the day of surgery.

What To Expect During Your Visit

At the preoperative visits, you will:

  • Discuss your medical history with staff and have a physical
  • Get an electrocardiogram (EKG), blood work, chest x-ray, and any other necessary testing
  • Attend education classes with your family members or coach

During your perioperative education classes, you and your coach will receive notebooks and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

  • A social worker will be available to assist the health care team with any hospitalization concerns and discharge needs.
  • An anesthesiologist will be available to discuss any special anesthesia or pain management concerns or needs.