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Obtaining the Results of Your Mammogram

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As an added service for our patients, you can access your screening mammogram results within three to four business days via the Magee-Womens Breast Cancer Program's “Call-for-Results” line.

We will also mail your results to your home, so using this service is your choice.

To Access Your Screening Mammogram Results:

  • Dial 412-641-6666 from a touch-tone phone.
  • Listen for the prompt and enter your nine-digit social security number.
  • Press the pound (#) sign after listening to your message.

Depending on your results, you will hear one of the following messages.

Normal mammogram results:
“Your screening mammogram is normal. There is no evidence of breast cancer. The radiologist that interpreted your mammogram recommends that you have your next mammogram in __ year(s).

This message is provided if your mammogram is interpreted as 'normal.'

Even though your mammogram is normal, it is important for you to know that mammography does not detect all breast cancers. Regular breast examination by a doctor or other health care provider is an important part of good breast health.

If you notice any changes in your breasts, see your physician promptly. Do not wait until it is time for your next mammogram appointment.”


Abnormal mammogram results*:
“Please call the Breast Cancer Program to schedule an appointment for a return visit.

Do not be alarmed by this request. For some women, a four-view screening mammogram is not adequate to fully evaluate the breast tissue. Further evaluation, which may include special mammography views or an ultrasound, is sometimes required to make certain your breast tissue is normal.

The radiologist that reviewed your screening mammogram has requested that you return for further evaluation.”

*Approximately 10 percent of women who have a screening mammogram require additional tests to fully evaluate their breast tissue. Often, special mammography views, or breast ultrasound, are necessary, especially if you have dense breast tissue.​