Also part of the UPMC family:
Also part of the UPMC family:
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Men’s Health Center

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At Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC, we understand that men have their own special health care needs.

That’s why our Men’s Health Center offers a unique, comprehensive, and confidential approach to men’s health care, including the thorough evaluation and treatment of genitourinary and sexual health issues. Because these can often be symptoms of other serious conditions, we are committed to determining any contributing conditions and identifying the best options for care.

Specialized Care for Men

The Men’s Health Center at Magee is one of the few centers in the nation to offer men a multidisciplinary approach to assessment and care.

Our experts in urology (medical and surgical care), weight and lifestyle management, cardiology, and endocrinology work together as a team to provide the right diagnosis and customized treatment plan for each male patient.

Whether the solution requires medication, an injection, surgery or an integrated medical approach, we have the skilled doctors, surgeons, technology and support staff to provide top-quality care.

Our Experts

Our board-certified experts and
their specialties include:


Internal Medicine

  • Vicki March, MD
    Weight and lifestyle


  • Aryan Aiyer, MD