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Orthopaedic Services: The Joint Center at UPMC Williamsport

Our Joint Center in Williamsport, Pa. Gets Patients Back on Their Feet

Patients couldn’t be in better hands. Our orthopaedic surgeons, together with an exceptional nursing team and physical and occupational therapists, use the latest scientific approaches to carefully plan every stage of care.

The Joint Center on the sixth floor of UPMC Williamsport will make you forget you’re in a hospital. From the bright and spacious gym with views of the scenic mountain scape to the comfortable, private patient rooms, the unit is designed to emphasize wellness and recovery. Everything patients need to meet the challenge of regaining their mobility and independence is right here.

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To schedule an appointment, call 570-321-2020.

Types of Joint Replacement Offered at UPMC

The Joint Center at UPMC Williamsport is a comprehensive recovery unit designed specifically for joint replacement patients and their families to promote healing in a comfortable and therapeutic environment.

Depending on the type of joint problem you have, a skilled orthopaedic surgeon at UPMC may recommend one of the following types of joint replacement surgery in Williamsport:

  • Anterior hip replacement
  • Bilateral hip replacement
  • Bilateral knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement
  • Total hip revision
  • Total knee replacement
  • Total knee revision
  • Total shoulder replacement

If you’re unsure about undergoing surgery, speak with an experienced orthopaedic doctor at UPMC. Together with your doctor, you can discuss the benefits and risks of each procedure, and see if you’re a candidate for minimally invasive joint replacement surgery.

What to Expect

Patients are encouraged to choose a friend or family member to be a coach, an individual we’ll train to help with caregiving and provide patients with the support they need during recovery.

Before surgery, patients will attend an educational class to gain an understanding of what to expect before their surgery, including how to prepare their home and possible equipment needs. The day of or after surgery, therapy processes begin. Coaches are encouraged to continue support through these stages by participating with patients in group therapy at the inpatient therapy gym.

Your physician and care team will determine if you are a candidate for a same day procedure, but most patients will have a one to two-day hospital stay and then return home for continued outpatient therapy. Patients will wear T-shirts, shorts and sweats for therapy. A milestone achievement whiteboard will also be used, featuring the Susquehanna River Walk, to help track individuals' progress. During the patient's stay, group therapy will be held in the morning starting with the first session at 9 a.m.

Beginning your recovery

The Joint Center at UPMC Williamsport waiting area

We take steps to help you restore your mobility even before surgery. Educational classes give you an understanding of what to expect before your surgery, including how to prepare your home and possible equipment needs. It's also a great opportunity to build a network of relationships with patients who will be going through therapy with you.

We want you to feel comfortable

Our new Joint Center makes comfort a top priority.

That’s why we provide patients with:

  • 24 private rooms
  • Ergonomically designed chairs that enable patients to spend more time out of bed
  • Amenities that include private bathrooms, Internet access and flat screen TVs
  • Family zones for visitors and a place for loved ones to sleep
  • Nurses’ stations located nearby for quick assistance

View The Joint Center Floor Map (PDF)

The Joint Center at UPMC Williamsport patient room

A gym to call your own

A key component of our plan to help patients regain their independence is a dynamic gym located on the same floor.

Staffed by a dedicated team of physical therapists and occupational therapists, the gym is for the exclusive use of our joint patients. We’ve created an inspiring environment, enhanced by a wall of windows that provide natural light and soothing views. Here, therapists will work with patients individually on their specific care plans.

The gym features:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Home-like living room
  • Comfortable bedroom
  • Ramp/curb
  • Private, fully equipped bathroom
  • Simulated automobile
  • Flight of steps

Encouraging Patients to Make Great Strides

The Joint Center at UPMC Williamsport physical therapy room

“We engineered this unit to be a therapeutic environment for our patients, which is a unique concept for the region. The focus is on recovery and rehabilitation, and our nursing and physical therapy care models support a culture of wellness,” says Matthew McLaughlin, vice president, operations UPMC in north central Pa. “Our goal is to help patients reach their prescribed recovery milestones by getting them up and moving early and often. Maximizing time in our friendly and motivating physical and occupational therapy environment will help patients make great strides before going home.”

“This is an ideal setting for our patients to do the rehabilitative work that must follow spine and joint replacement surgery,” says Dr. Ronald DiSimone, orthopaedic surgeon. “The focus of the entire unit—the patients, the doctors, nurses and therapists—is exclusively orthopaedics and spine, and that is ideal for incorporating best practices and clinical pathways to provide the best outcomes and highest standard of care for our patients.”

Orthopaedic treatments we offer include:

  • Joint replacement
  • Joint injections
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Foot and ankle surgery

Hip Replacement Guidebook

Hip Replacement Guidebook | The Joint Center at UPMC Williamsport Download the Guidebook (PDF)

Knee Replacement Guidebook

Knee Replacement Guidebook | The Joint Center at UPMC Williamsport Download the Guidebook (PDF)