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Frequently Asked Questions: UPMC Shadyside

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Where should I park when I get to UPMC Shadyside?

There are two parking garages available for patients and visitors: the Aiken Avenue Parking Garage and the Centre Avenue Parking Garage.

Learn more about parking and directions at UPMC Shadyside.

Are there set visiting hours at UPMC Shadyside?

Patients can be visited at any time at UPMC Shadyside. Please know that some units with very sick patients — like intensive care — may have special hours to make sure the patient receives the best care possible.

Visit the UPMC Shadyside Visitor Info page or talk to the care team on the unit for more details.

How many people can visit a patient at a time?

We know it's important for family and friends to surround a loved one while he or she is in the hospital.

We suggest 2 to 3 visitors at a time to help us provide the best care possible. This number can change based on the needs of the unit.

Please talk to the care team on the unit for more information.

Is there an age limit for visitors?

Most units allow children under age 12, but we ask that they are with an adult at all times.

See our UPMC Shadyside visitor guidelines or talk to the care team on the unit.

Can I bring a patient balloons, flowers, and other presents?

Most units allow balloons (Mylar only, not latex), flowers, and presents. Patients who have cancer, or those who are in Intensive Care, are not allowed to have flowers in their rooms. That is because these patients are very sick and we don't want to put their health at risk.

Learn more about guidelines at UPMC Shadyside or ask a member of the care team on the unit about bringing gifts.

If I'm not feeling well can I visit a patient?

Please do not visit a patient if you are not feeling well. If you do need to cough or sneeze when you visit please use your arm (not your hand) and be sure to wash your hands to help prevent the spread of infection.

Learn more about infection prevention at UPMC Shadyside.

See our Frequently Asked Questions About the Flu.

Is there a gift shop at UPMC Shadyside?

Yes. Lori's Gifts at Shadyside is on the 1st floor in Posner Tower.

Get more details about gift shops at UPMC Shadyside.

Where can I get something to eat at UPMC Shadyside?

UPMC Shadyside has many dining options for patients and visitors. Patients will get to choose their meals every day based on their nutritional needs. Visitors can choose from a variety of options including two cafés, a cafeteria, or a guest tray to accompany the patient's meal.

Learn more about patient meals.

Find food and snack options for UPMC Shadyside visitors.

Where can I go to have a calm and relaxing escape from the hospital environment?

UPMC Shadyside has two gardens, a chapel, and a meditation area.

Be sure to talk to a member of the care team before leaving the unit. The patient must be healthy enough to leave his or her room.

Learn more about peaceful places at UPMC Shadyside.