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Need a Disability Related Accommodation?

Let UPMC Help You (LUHU)

Accommodations are available at UPMC for Patients, Visitors, and Guests with a Disability

UPMC is committed to giving the best care possible to patients who have a disability and making sure that all patients, visitors and guests have equal access to health care.

When do I ask for a disability related accommodation? 

Earlier is always better, we recommend reaching out at least two weeks prior to when you will need your disability related accommodations. If you are scheduling a visit or stay at a UPMC hospital, you can call the Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) to learn more about taking part in the Let UPMC Help You (LUHU) program. Through this patient care coordination program, the DRC will work with you and the hospital to pre-schedule communication assistance and accommodations before your stay or visit.

Contact the DRC at 412-605-1483 or email us at for more information. To request an accommodation, please complete the form below.

Hospital Admissions

  • If your hospital visit begins in the emergency department, alert the staff to your accommodation needs when you arrive at the hospital. 
  • If your hospital visit is scheduled, tell the admissions staff (ex: the scheduler or receptionist) and your health care provider ahead of your stay or visit of your accommodation needs. If you are in the hospital, request accommodations from your nurse. For additional assistance, contact Patient Relations.

Surgical Scheduling 

Tell your surgeon and the surgery scheduler of any assistive devices or accommodations that would ease your surgery. For example, the need for pressure relieving positioning during surgery to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

Examples of disability related accommodations available at UPMC hospitals include but are not limited to: 

  • Accessible exam, treatment, or inpatient rooms
  • Assistance with self-care tasks such as eating, bathing, and toileting 
  • Assistance with patient transfer 
  • Accessible restrooms 
  • Accessible medical equipment 
  • High-contrast, bold pen/markers 
  • Assistance with navigation 
  • Signature guides 
  • Sign Language or Tactile interpreters 
  • Pressure relief mattresses 
  • iPad with communication apps

Accommodations Form 

Please complete this form to request accommodations for an upcoming encounter with UPMC. Please allow 2-3 business days for a UPMC staff member to reply to your request.

I agree to receive emails from UPMC, including but not limited to emails about my visit, appointment, and/or care at UPMC.