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Orthopaedic Patient Stories at UPMC in North Central Pa.

Read stories from orthopaedic patients at UPMC in north central Pa.

Bonnie U.: Orthopaedic Surgery

Bonnie U.: Orthopaedic Surgery

Farming is a major part of Bonnie's life, but after years of working on the farm, the wear and tear took its toll on Bonnie’s hip. After an x-ray and MRI of her hip showed she needed a complete hip replacement, Bonnie turned to orthopaedic surgeons at UPMC WIlliamsport.

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Kathy B.: Shoulder Surgery

Kathy B.: Shoulder Surgery

Kathy suffered a serious arm and shoulder injury when she fell at her house. After getting the results of an x-ray, Kathy was told she needed surgery on her right shoulder.

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Robin F.: Foot Surgery

Robin F.: Foot Surgery

After a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan revealed Robin had significant arthritic changes throughout her foot, she received foot surgery at UPMC Cole.

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Patty H.: Orthopaedic Surgery

Patty H., Orthopaedic Surgery

Patty suffered a severe knee and leg injury in 1990 after an inmate at the prison where she worked hit her. After the injury, she saw orthopaedic surgeon Ronald Disimone, MD, who performed a procedure to bring her foot back into alignment and a femoral osteotomy.

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Jan Bloss: Hip Replacement

Image of Jan.

Jan put off surgery as long as she could. The pain had grown intolerable, to the point where she could barely stand, but with Dr. Foust's reassurance and surgical care, she is now living life with her new hip.

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Debbie Clark: Knee Surgery

Debbie Clark, orthopaedics patient at UPMC in north central Pa.

Debbie started to face a new challenge when camping. The gear she now needed wasn’t available at sporting goods stores; it was a new knee.

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Joe and Bonnie Collins: Orthopaedic Care Close to Home

Image of Joe and Bonnie.

Joe and Bonnie Collins have had multiple orthopaedic surgeries at Coudersport, from back surgery to knee and shoulder replacement.

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Barry Eisley: Hip Replacement

Barry Eisley | UPMC

After experiencing hip pain, Barry saw his family doctor and was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon for x-rays and evaluation who determined he was a good candidate for a same-day hip replacement.

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Nancy Hauser: 3D-Printed Ankle Replacement

Nancy Hauser | UPMC

Nancy Hauser of Williamsport has an 8-cm extension for her left fibula, a bone in her ankle, created with a 3D printer at UPMC.

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Jim Houser: Ultrasound-guided Cortisone Injections

Jim Houser | UPMC

Jim was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips. Ultrasound-guided cortisone injections helped him return to work sooner and avoid surgery.

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Jeff Rauff: Hip Replacement

Jeff Rauff | UPMC

Jeff Rauff was in a biking accident that led to a hip replacement. Learn more about his experience at UPMC.

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William Sarge: Joint Replacement

William Sarge and wife on motorcycle | UPMC

William Sarge of Avis enjoys an active lifestyle and he hasn’t let arthritis, or 6 joint replacements, stop him from hitting the open road. Learn more from UPMC.

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Gabe Sinicropi: Bilateral Knee Replacement

Gabe Sinicropi | UPMC

Arthritis in his knee was making it more and more difficult for him to stay on his feet for very long so Gabe had Bilateral knee replacement surgery at UPMC.

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Craig Uhler: Hip Surgery

Craig Uhler | UPMC

As Craig Uhler was running a race he felt pain in his knee. Further examination showed he had a broken femur and needed hip surgery.

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Tyler Waltz: Knee Pain

Tyler Waltz | UPMC

Tyler Waltz blew out his knee at a rodeo. Learn more about his experience at UPMC.

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Steve Riley: Sore Feet

Steve Riley on riding lawn mower.

Steve delt with sore feet for years, leading to toe amputations. Learn more about his experience with UPMC.

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