Also part of the UPMC family:
Also part of the UPMC family:

UPMC ​Life After Weight Loss Program

UPMC’s Life After Weight Loss program is nationally and internationally recognized for its innovative body contouring surgical techniques following massive weight loss.

Headed by one of the nation’s top doctors in the field and the author of a text book on the subject, the UPMC Life After Weight Loss team performs a wide range of body contouring surgeries including:

Because plastic surgery for the post weight loss patient is our practice’s sole focus, we have pioneered many of the body contouring methods in use around the world today. We also are uniquely aware of your concerns and can provide you with the understanding and support that you need.

You have made incredible changes in your life and worked hard to get to this stage. It’s natural to want to continue your self-improvement journey and continue on the road to optimal health and a positive body image.

UPMC’s multidisciplinary approach combines the resources of surgeons, nutritionists, exercise specialists, and weight management experts. The lifestyle coaching program will evaluate your current eating and exercise habits as well as behavioral issues such as stress management, and work with you to personalize a plan that’s right for you.