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UPMC ​Life After Weight Loss Program

Losing a large amount of weight is a major feat. But it might leave you with excess skin that can affect your self-esteem and remind you of your past weight.

That's where UPMC’s Life After Weight Loss program can help. We focus on plastic surgery for people after massive weight loss.

We're nationally and internationally known for our cutting-edge body contouring surgical techniques. In fact, we pioneered many of the methods used by plastic surgeons around the world.

You've made huge changes in your life and worked hard to get to this stage. It’s natural to want to stay on your self-improvement journey toward better health and a positive body image.

To schedule a consultation with the UPMC Life After Weight Loss team, call 412-641-3960 or 1-877-639-9688 (1-877-NEWYOU8). Or request an appointment online.

Contact Us About The Life After Weight Loss Program

The Life After Weight Loss Program is at the UPMC Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center:
3380 Boulevard of the Allies, Suite 158
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

We can help you feel good in your own skin. To schedule a consultation, call 412-641-3960 or 1-877-639-9688.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring surgery can remove excess or sagging skin and provide a more sculpted, natural look.

The UPMC Life After Weight Loss team performs a wide range of surgical procedures, including:

Talk to your plastic surgeon to see if body contouring surgery is the right choice for you.

View our FAQ to learn more about body contouring.

Why Choose UPMC's Life After Weight Loss Program?

  • Our experts. J. Peter Rubin, MD — one of the nation’s top plastic surgeons — heads the program. Dr. Rubin is a renowned expert in body contouring and authored a textbook on the subject.
  • Our team approach. We combine the resources of board-certified surgeons, nutritionists, exercise specialists, and weight management experts. Our goal is to meet your needs after weight loss. Find out more about UPMC’s body contouring experts.
  • Our award-winning research. UPMC has one of the largest academic plastic surgery departments in the United States. Dr. Rubin, who founded the Life After Weight Loss program, served as past president of the International Fat Applied Technology Society. He led the group in its study of the use of excess fat as a stem cell source.

Learn More About The Life After Weight Loss Program

UPMC body contouring experts enhanced the weight loss experience for Yolanda Evans. Read her story.

Dr. Rubin, founder and director of UPMC’s Life After Weight Loss program, talks about the growth of body contouring techniques.