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​Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Patient Stories

Patrice: Recovering From Injury Becomes a Family Affair

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After colliding with a snowboarder on a Colorado ski slope, Patrice was left with a fractured sacrum that wouldn’t heal. She finally found relief when she turned to the same UPMC physiatrist who had successfully treated her daughter’s nagging elbow injury — and later, her son’s excruciating Achilles heel pain.

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Elaine: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Image of Elaine.

Staying active is a priority for Elaine Barron, now 74. UPMC physiatrists and physical therapists supported her through challenges with a broken pelvis, arthritis, scoliosis, and more – truly looking at the whole person to identify what’s causing pain to then manage and treat the issue.

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Mia: ​Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

When she started experiencing excruciating hip pain on her daily long runs, champion runner Mia needed to find relief. Finding a runner-focused physiatrist and treatment at UPMC’s Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation helped her get back to the top.

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Sally: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

When severe strokes left Sally with no functional use of her right side, she turned to UPMC’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation where BOTOX® injections helped her become mobile once again.

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Wesley: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Image of Wes Matsuka-Williams.

When Wes experienced hip and knee pain during his collegiate triple jumping career, a teammate suggested he visit UPMC Sports Medicine and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Pittsburgh. Learn how they helped him leap to new lengths.

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