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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Treatment Options

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The doctors at the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation​ offer a variety of treatment options for neurological disorders, pain issues, and other conditions.

People with chronic and acute pain find relief in acupuncture and regenerative injection therapy. Those with neurological disorders benefit from electrodiagnostic medicine. Our doctors and specialists will help guide you to the best form of treatment for your injury or condition.

The length of treatment time varies based on the severity or chronic nature of your disorder. Your treatment plan can last from three to six months and may include regularly scheduled appointments. Select a treatment option below or on the left-hand side of the page to learn more about each rehabilitation treatment.

Rehabilitation Options

Rehabilitation treatment options include:


Electrodiagnostic Medicine

  • ​Diagnosing:
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Muscle disorders
    • Nerve injuries

Regenerative injection therapy (RIT)

  • Chronic pain caused by unhealed injuries around:
    • Cartilage
    • Joints
    • Ligaments
    • Muscles
    • Tendons

Spasticity Treatment


Make An Appointment for Rehabilitation at UPMC

To make an appointment to receive specialized rehabilitation treatment, visit our Contact Us page or call 412-692-4400.

What to expect at your first rehabilitation appointment

Plan to arrive early to your first appointment to fill out any necessary medical forms for your doctor. Make sure to bring:

  • Your insurance information
  • A list of current medications
  • Any assistive devices you use on a regular basis

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, especially if your rehabilitation session will involve physical exercise.