Surgical Treatment for ACL Injury

For more than three decades, UPMC Sports Medicine has been a leader in ACL reconstruction surgery and knee injury treatment.

The personalized approach to ACL surgery proves to provide better results for people who need their ACL repaired.

The goals of individualized anatomic ACL reconstruction surgery are to:

  • Restore your native or original knee anatomy as close as possible.
  • Get you back to your former level of function and activity.

Is ACL Reconstruction Surgery Right for Me?

Most people with serious partial and complete ACL tears are a good fit for surgery, chiefly:

  • Athletes who want to return to their sport.
  • People who are highly active.
  • Those whose job or work requires a high level of activity and physical effort.

The Right Timing for ACL Surgery

In most cases, surgeons don't repair a torn ACL right away. Research has proven that people have the best outcomes when doctors delay surgery for a few weeks.

Waiting to have ACL surgery allows the knee to:

  • Resolve any swelling and inflammation.
  • Regain normal range of motion.

The exact timing of surgery will vary from person to person based on their type of ACL injury. For most people, the wait after injury is about two weeks to two months.

Your surgeon will talk with you about the best timing for ACL surgery based on your injury and overall health.

Learn More About ACL Tears and Surgery

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