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ACL Program Patient Stories

Our team at UPMC Sports Medicine is dedicated to helping athletes and active people of all ages and skill levels. After an ACL injury, it's easy to feel overwhelmed about treatment options, rehabilitation, and recovery times. But we have the experts to help.

Hear about the impact our ACL care has on the lives of some of our patients.

Ariana’s Story: Back on the Field After Partial ACL Tear

An injury during a basketball game left Ariana with a partial ACL tear. After surgery and physical therapy at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, she was ready to return to the soccer field in the fall.

Read Ariana's story.

Erin’s Story: Comeback After ACL, MCL, and Meniscus Injury

Erin tore her ACL during a soccer game in her sophomore year of high school. Learn about her recovery and how the team at UPMC helped her return to play — just in time for her junior year.

Read Erin's story.

Kenny’s Story: Recovering from Multiple ACL Injuries

Kenny tore his ACL and MCL while playing football, an experience that would shape his athletic journey and future career. Learn about his journey and recovery at UPMC.

Read Kenny’s story.

Lydia’s Story: Determined Soccer Star Reaches Her Goal

After tearing her ACL during soccer, giving up never even entered Lydia’s mind. Learn how this soccer star’s determination, combined with expert care at UPMC, helped Lydia continue her soccer career.

Read Lydia's story.

Megan’s Story: A Physician Assistant’s Journey from ACL Injury to Recovery

When Megan's knee instability returned, to the point where she almost fell each time she walked down the stairs, she turned to the experts at UPMC Sports Medicine to repair her ACL and get her back to the activities she loves.

Read Megan's story.