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Heart Transplant Surgery: Preparation and Procedure

When a donor heart becomes available, your transplant coordinator will call you.

It's crucial that you get to the hospital right away. We ask people on the heart transplant waiting list to be within four hours of UPMC.

Before coming to the hospital for your heart transplant:

Prepping for Your Heart Transplant

When you arrive at UPMC, we will prep you for your heart transplant surgery.

The donor team will inspect the heart to make sure it's good for transplant and a match for you.

In the meantime — to make sure you're in good health with no active illnesses — you'll:

  • Complete a medical history and physical examination
  • Have blood work
  • Get x-rays

Before moving you to the OR, the anesthesiologist will speak with you about what to expect. You'll receive general anesthesia and sleep through the heart transplant procedure.

You will also speak to one of the surgical team members to get consent for the transplant to take place.

Contact the UPMC Heart Transplant Program

To contact the UPMC Heart Transplant Program, please call 412-648-6202 or toll-free at 844-548-4591. You can also fill out the UPMC Heart Transplant Program contact form to make an appointment or refer a patient.