Dr. Inderpal (Netu) Sarkaria – Thoracic Surgeon
Dr. Inderpal (Netu) Sarkaria – Thoracic Surgeon

Life Changing Is … Improving the State of Medicine

Dr. Inderpal Sarkaria – Thoracic Surgeon

“When you can bring hope back to a patient, it’s an outstanding feeling.”

Inderpal Sarkaria, MD, sees the impact that technological advances can have on patients.

Dr. Sarkaria and the cardiothoracic surgeons at UPMC lead the way in developing new techniques to treat diseases and disorders of the chest and foregut. Those advancements help to save patient’s lives.

UPMC became one of the first medical centers in the country to use minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat esophageal and lung cancers. And advanced imaging technology can help in diagnosis.

“Technologies like the robotic platform are minimally invasive with less complications,” Dr. Sarkaria says. “Imaging techniques, such as fluorescence imaging, allow us to see tumors better. When you can bring hope back to a patient, it’s an outstanding feeling.”

Even with the improvements made so far, the technology continues to advance – and UPMC remains a leader in that innovation. UPMC is continuing to develop new techniques in robotic surgery, artificial heart implantation, and the development of artificial heart-assist devices.

“I’ve had any number of patients say, ‘I’m coming to UPMC because I know what you have to offer is advanced medicine,’” Dr. Sarkaria says. “Surgeons from other institutions come here to learn how we perform these operations.”

At UPMC, Life Changing Medicine means striving for new ways to help our patients.

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