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UPMC Rural Family Medicine Residency

The health needs of rural areas are great and largely unmet.

The UPMC Rural Family Medicine Residency in north central Pa. offers a unique option for training. Our mission is to form caring and skilled family doctors in these underserved settings.

Our health system in north central Pa. has four hospitals — UPMC Cole, UPMC Muncy, UPMC Wellsboro, and UPMC Williamsport. The program builds on the existing system at UPMC Williamsport, where residents spend their first year.

During your residency, you'll learn to treat a wide range of complex health issues.

Why Choose a Rural Family Medicine Residency?

In the U.S.:

Rural Americans tend to be older and sicker than people in more urban areas. They have higher rates of death from heart disease, lung disease, cancer, stroke, injury, and suicide than their urban peers.

A rural residency presents unique offerings and rewards.

A family doctor in a rural setting needs to treat many health issues — from heart problems to chronic pain. Addiction treatment and even mental health care are part of family medicine in these areas.

The UPMC Rural Family Medicine Residency prepares doctors to offer complete care for families in rural places.

Plus, your UPMC connections mean that you're always in touch with cutting-edge research and practices.

As a resident, you also become a vital member of the community. The person you treat in your office might also go to your church or be your bank teller.

You become a part of a rural area in a way that's unlike an urban or suburban practice.

About UPMC Rural Family Medicine Residency

The UPMC Rural Family Medicine Residency training program began in 2023.

The program has two residents per year, and there will be six at a time in the three-year program.

We have a faculty committed to the north central Pa. region and first-rate training centers at our hospitals.

As a resident, you'll spend your first year at UPMC Williamsport. This Level II Trauma Center is also a community-based hospital where residents learn the basics of practicing family medicine.

You'll spend your second and third years at either UPMC Wellsboro or UPMC Cole. Both are critical access hospitals in rural, underserved areas. They are excellent training grounds to polish your rural family medicine skills.

Benefits UPMC Offers Residents

Besides your salary, your benefits as a resident include:

  • Complete health, dental, and vision insurance with no premium (spouse and children included).
  • Help with moving costs.
  • Free meals while working in-house.
  • 18 flexible vacation days per year.
  • 5 CME days per year.
  • 5 site visit days over the 3 years of training.
  • Use of point-of-care ultrasound at all sites.

Call, Rotations, and Rural Family Medicine Training

As a resident, you'll be on call at certain times and cover some night shifts. You'll learn a wide range of skills in children's, adult, and obstetric care.

Why Choose North Central Pennsylvania for Your Rural Family Health Training?

North central Pa. has stunning scenery and year-round outdoor activities.

Coudersport and Wellsboro are both near the PA Grand Canyon, part of the Tioga State Forest. It's a popular place for hiking, running, biking, camping, and snowmobiling.

Williamsport is less than an hour away from Wellsboro and less than two hours from Coudersport. It has the comforts and vibe of a city without the fast pace of big city life.

Williamsport is home to the Little League Baseball® World Series, historic architecture, art galleries, and theaters.

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