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Liz's Story

At just 33 years old Liz was diagnosed with scleroderma and severe pulmonary hypertension, a terminal diagnosis, at the time.

"The doctors in New York had given me at best five years to live," said Liz. "But I had two little girls I wanted to see grow up."

Unable to give up hope she asked to be evaluated for a transplant.

"Hospitals in New York City, California, and Texas all turned me down because they said I was too sick, one even told me I would be a waste of resource," said Liz.

But her fight did not end there. She did more research and found UPMC.

"UPMC has a reputation for taking harder cases," said Liz.

In 2001, Liz and her family traveled to Pittsburgh for a transplant evaluation, where Liz was told not only did she need a double lung transplant but she also needed a new heart.

Her medical team at UPMC gave her the hope she needed. And 23 months later Liz's transplant took place.

And now, more than a decade later, Liz has taken her darkest time and written a book to give hope and inspiration for those facing similar difficulties.


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