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About Graduate Medical Education at UPMC

UPMC Medical Education (UPMC ME)
Statement of Commitment to Graduate Medical Education

The UPMC Medical Education Board of Directors and UPMC System Hospital Executive Leadership are committed to graduate medical education as our collective responsibility and mission

We are committed to providing the necessary financial support for administrative, educational and clinical resources, including personnel to provide residents with an optimal environment to achieve and advance in their learning and profession. We work to provide the highest quality education possible in the art and science of medicine. We direct that our patients receive unparalleled quality and the safest care. We endeavor to select and retain the most qualified applicants. Integral to our efforts in the continuing advancement of the profession of medicine is the mission of scholarship, research, evidence-based care and continual clinical innovation. We foster and require an ethical atmosphere; one of collegiality among our faculty, learners and academic leadership. The UPMC ME ensures the highest levels of professional leadership for its Graduate Medical Education Programs.

Pursuant to the above goals, the UPMC Board and Executive Leadership have directed that UPMC ME, through its Graduate Medical Education Committee, has the sole system authority and responsibility for all UPMC Graduate Medical Education training across the UPMC system. This includes all accredited graduate medical education programs, Special Non-ACGME Accredited Programs (SNAPs), and all other programs under the purview of the GMEC. UPMC ME will provide leadership and guidance that includes regulating internal quality assessments, reviews, and the process for improvement of the programs and decisions related to the reallocation of system resources in Graduate Medical Education.

The Graduate Medical Education Committee is empowered to enforce actions on each program, and to improve or close programs that are not in compliance with the standards for quality and integrity mandated by this body.

Signed and approved by the UPMC Medical Education Board – September 12, 2016

Gregory M. Bump, MD
Chair, Graduate Medical Education Committee
Designated Institutional Official
UPMC Medical Education

Our Goals

  • Train excellent physicians from diverse backgrounds in a model of patient-centered care, which builds a foundation of high value care, desirable clinical outcomes, and scientific knowledge that improves health.
  • Build a supportive working and learning environment that helps physicians grow as role models for professionalism, caring and compassion.
  • Create a model of professional development for residents, fellow, and faculty in graduate medical education that emphasizes expertise, leadership skills, scholarly achievement, and career advancement.
  • Foster a culture that centers on the well-being of the individuals in our clinical and academic community.
  • Serve the health needs of the diverse communities.
  • Transform the health care system of tomorrow through innovation.
  • Harness our integrated capabilities to deliver outstanding patient safety, quality, and value through graduate medical education at UPMC.
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