About UPMC's Graduate Medical Education Program

The GME program team supports our trainees through the many steps of deciding on and completing their GME training.

GME Program Goals

  • Train excellent doctors, dentists, pharmacists and podiatrists from diverse backgrounds in a model of patient-centered care. This builds a foundation of high-value care, positive patient outcomes, and clinical knowledge that improves health.
  • Build a supportive working and learning setting that helps our residents and fellows grow as role models of professionalism, care, and compassion.
  • Create a model of professional development for trainees and teachers in GME that highlights expertise, leadership skills, scholarly achievement, and career advancement.
  • Foster a culture that centers on the well-being of the members of our clinical and academic community.
  • Serve the health needs of diverse communities.
  • Transform the health care system of tomorrow through innovation.
  • Harness our combined skills to provide safe, quality, and valued patient care through GME at UPMC.

Helpful GME Program Resources