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Testimonials From Emergency Medicine Residents​

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Class of 2018

Nathan VanHoff - Class of 2019

Nathan Van Hoff, DO
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

"I chose UPMC Hamot for my residency training over the many places I rotated and shadowed as a student not only because I got along with the other residents and attendings, or even that I saw things that most residencies said I'll never see and then saw here, but for the fact that when I rotated here I felt as if I could make it my home; a safe haven for learning and training.

I knew I'd get many chances at procedures and critical cases. That proved right on my very first week as a resident in which I was seeing and helping on one of those critical trauma cases 'I'd never see,' standing shoulder to shoulder with the ED doctor and trauma surgeon with them being overly willing to teach me. The comfort and security I felt from my ED attending and the trauma surgeon solidified my decision to train from them. I wanted these experiences in training for whatever my future job holds.

I knew if I trained here I could work anywhere - a smaller hospital with lower patient volume or a large tertiary center. We get the opportunity to go to Pittsburgh for our PICU, but I feel as though we have a unique niche here, getting plenty of pediatric patients and running the traumas to make me extremely prepared before I even head to Pittsburgh. Didactics are not your typical snoozer but are engaging, with many specialists who come to talk with us and relate relevant information to how we practice in the ED. We also get plenty of skills practice within our didactics, so we're always prepared for the real deal!

Turning to my life out of my new found home here at UPMC Hamot, Erie offers many things for me, my wife, and my three boys to do, such as beaches, hiking, theme parks, water sports, minor league baseball games, snow skiing, ice fishing, ice hockey games, basketball games, and indoor water parks. And if you still need more, we're situated nicely between three large cities: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Needless to say, my boys and wife never go without something to do and on my off days they let me tag along. If you choose UPMC Hamot you will not regret it for a second!"

Emily Morrison - Class of 2018

Emily Morrison, DO
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

"I was looking for a strong program that I was confident could help me become an excellent emergency medicine physician and I found that here at UPMC Hamot. In addition to being well-rounded, the residents are a close knit group of really intelligent and fun people. As someone who plans on practicing in a smaller city, I was also looking for a busy ED, one that had lots of trauma and diverse medical cases, but without being located in a really large city; UPMC Hamot is exactly that.

Also impressive is the easy and quick access to the outdoors. Presque Isle is so beautiful and has lots to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. In the winter, there are several close ski resorts and countryside for whatever your outdoor interests are. I am so glad I chose UPMC Hamot for my emergency medicine residency!"

Class of 2017

Kasey Gillett - Class of 2017

Kasey Gillett, DO
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

"This program has been great so far. When I interviewed for the program, I fell in love. Everyone was so welcoming and seemed like a large family, which I was looking for. I'm now so grateful to be part of the great family of UPMC Hamot emergency medicine residents. The attendings are also very welcoming and enjoy teaching. The entire hospital is welcoming of us as residents. In the ED, you are definitely never short of patients to see and learn from. So much pathology comes through the doors that you will constantly be learning. There are tons of procedures available to do. I've also fallen in love with Erie. I'm originally from Texas and people are always asking how I could like Erie and its weather. Well, I love the seasons and there is so much to do here. It very much has the feel of a small town with big city amenities. The UPMC Hamot Emergency Medicine Residency Program provides great training and I'm so glad to be a part of it!"

Tyler Lewandowski, DO - Class of 2017

Tyler Lewandowski, DO
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

"The search for a great place to train is a tough one. After visiting multiple programs as a medical student, I chose UPMC Hamot. I loved the fact their ED is a busy center that sees an abundance of trauma and high-acuity patients. I wanted to learn and work in a place where I would see the serious pathology, not just read about it. I was impressed with their strong didactics program, frequent guest speakers, oral board practice, and simulated clinical scenarios. As a very hands-on type of person, I was excited to see how often procedures were taking place inside the ED. During my rotation with Hamot as a medical student, I couldn't help but notice the atmosphere. Everyone successfully keeps the department in motion while keeping in mind that every patient presents an opportunity to teach or learn. The resident-to-attending ratio is very low, almost always 1:1, which makes for a better environment to learn. The residents and attendings are all very close and cultivated a family-like atmosphere. They constantly supported and encouraged each other to succeed and pushed each other to grow. Erie is a great, family-friendly place to live. Now, as a resident, I am getting all the benefits of a large urban ED without living in the middle of a metropolis. I am very happy with my decision to make the UPMC Hamot Emergency Medicine Program my choice for residency. I know after completing my training, I will be well-prepared for any patient that walks (or rolls) into my ED in the future."

Mathew Woodley, DO - Class of 2017

Mathew Woodley, DO
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

"I chose UPMC Hamot for my residency so that I could become a great emergency medicine doctor and have a good personal life while training. It was a speech from another program director about what to look for in a residency program that really sold me on UPMC Hamot. He mentioned several things that are important, then said the most important thing is about numbers. The more patients you see, the more procedures you perform; the more procedures you perform, the more confident you will be. I had not found a larger patient volume to resident ratio than at UPMC Hamot. This means that if there is something interesting going on (which there usually is with a large volume and high acuity), you can be at the center of the action doing procedures and making critical decisions. On the personal side of things, Erie is a great place to live, especially with a family. The cost of living is very low, while the salary is well above par. My fellow residents are also extremely easy to get along with. All in all, I am happy with my choice in UPMC Hamot and highly recommend it to you."